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Using a Storage Container for Your Home Renovation

Home remodeling and renovation projects can be exciting, but they can also be challenging and costly. When working on a project, whether large or small, you’ll face a couple primary challenges: Where should you put your things while you’re renovating? And where do you store the equipment you need for the renovations?

Renovations can take days, weeks, or even months, and it’s important you have a plan to help keep items protected, secure, and out of the way. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen, finishing your basement, laying new floors, or another project, make it easier by buying or leasing a residential storage container.

Why Use a Storage Container for Home Renovations?

Renovating a home comes with a variety of variables, from deadlines to costs. Planning ahead for storage can help make the renovation more stress-free while also providing peace of mind that your belongings will be safe. A few benefits to using a storage container during your renovation include:

1. Store A Variety of Items

You can use a storage container to keep items you need for renovations, such as tools, saws, ladders, drop cloths, etc. You can also keep the new items like paint, new flooring and cabinets, etc. until you need it in the home.

Or, you can store your own items that you need to get out of the way during the renovations, such as furniture, appliances, toys, clothes, items in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, and more.

2. Easy Access to Your Things

If you’re storing the container in your driveway or on your property, you’re just steps away from what you need and your items are accessible 24/7. You don’t have to worry about renting a moving truck or hauling your items somewhere else for storage, plus you can load and unload at your own pace.

3. Protect Your Belongings

All-steel, weatherproof storage containers are resistant against rain, wind, snow, ice, and other weather, and they are sealed tight which keeps out pests and vermin. In addition to being made of high-grade steel that’s virtually impenetrable to someone looking to make trouble, you can install additional security features like:

  • Padlocks
  • Alarm systems
  • Video surveillance
  • Exterior lighting/motion detection

4. Keep the Mess to a Minimum

Whether you’re keeping your own items or items needed for the renovation in the container, having them out of your house and organized elsewhere can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

5. Modifications Fit Your Needs

Add shelving systems designed to utilize unique features of a shipping container and help keep your belongings even more organized. Ramps can be added for use with hand trucks and dollies, ensuring a secure connection and easy loading and unloading. Or, illuminate the container with magnetic fluorescent light fixtures, with flexibility to position them where you need extra light.

6. Cost Effective

Renting a storage container for your home renovation needs may be cheaper than renting a space in a storage facility. There’s also increased flexibility with month-to-month rentals. Plus, container can be dropped off at your location and picked up when you’re done so you don’t have to pay for truck rentals or other moving equipment or fees.

What Size Storage Container Do I Need During a Home Renovation?

There are a variety of storage container sizes to choose from depending on the size of your project:

  • If packed efficiently, 20-foot containers can hold 1-4 typical rooms of furniture or a single garage stall.
  • For smaller driveways or urban applications, 10-foot containers can hold a single typical room of furniture.

Multiple containers may be utilized for as long as your project requires. If one container is emptied before the other, it can be sent back as soon as you are ready.

Ultimately, the size you need depends on how much you need to store – talk to a storage container professional for help determining which size is best for you.

How To Rent a Storage Container for a Home Renovation

Page Street Leasing has the answer to fit your home project needs and budget. With one of the largest New England storage container rental fleets and the ability to deliver clean containers quickly, rely on our onsite storage professionals to help you reserve a high quality, secure container:

  1. Determine which size(s) fit your needs and location.
  2. Request a quote online or call 603-622-1673.
  3. Fill out a rental application.
  4. Your storage container will be delivered to you when it’s convenient for you.
  5. Keep the container for as long as you need. Rentals are month-to-month, so when you’re done, we will schedule a pick-up.

Contact Page Street Leasing for New Hampshire Storage Containers

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