Storage trailer offices

Tips for Creating a Construction Site Storage Trailer Office

Purchasing a storage trailer is a great way to create some extra office space for your construction site.

As a construction manager or business owner, you most likely could use a flexible, secure space to take care of company business, store important documents, meet with employees and clients and much more. A storage trailer is an ideal office space, as it is not only affordable, but highly flexible and customizable. When your construction project is complete, your office can be moved to the next site, whether it takes six months or two years.

Read on for some tips for creating a construction site storage trailer office.

Buy a Quality Storage Trailer

The most important part of building a storage trailer office for your construction company is choosing a durable, high-quality unit. You will want to do some research and find an experienced storage solutions service with plenty of good reviews.

A storage trailer must be made from strong, reliable materials, like steel and aluminum. It should also be compatible with security features and locks to keep sensitive documents, tools, equipment, and other office supplies safe.

Choose a Construction Site Mobile Office Provider

Some storage companies offer jobsite trailers. These units are accessible at ground level and are often available in multiple sizes, depending on the amount of space you anticipate needing. They can include electricity, heating and air conditioning, and can even include plumbing that can hook up to on-site water and sewage lines. Discuss your options with the storage trailer company and work with them towards achieving your ideal mobile office.

Build-In the Basics

Your storage solutions provider may be able to construct some elements of an office into your unit. Basic equipment, such as desks and cabinets, can be placed strategically inside the unit, making it easier to transport your office. You can purchase your unit and get to work faster with furnishings custom-built into the space. Ask your storage trailer office developer about your options for customizing the interior of your mobile office.

Prepare and Choose the Right Space

Depending on your state, make sure you have obtained any building permits and state seals you might need. If you are unsure, ask your storage trailer company.

Once you have planned and purchased your mobile office, you will need to make space for it at your construction site. A firm, flat area is ideal for a safe office. Paving or compacted gravel is ideal, but a foundation of firm dirt will also work. Make sure the area is leveled and avoid areas where water pooling could potentially be an issue. Leave at least six feet of space on each side; depending on local codes, you may need to plan for even more.

If you are planning on having your office anchored to the ground, call 8-11. This number is a free federal service for locating underground utilities. Be sure to call far ahead of time. With notice, the state can send workers to demarcate any utilities that should not be built over.

If you’re planning on connecting to water, sewer, or electrical services, be sure to contact your local utility companies to establish connections properly and safely.

Plan for Flexibility

One of the major benefits of investing in a construction site storage trailer office is the portability. Many construction companies move operations from site-to-site frequently. Consider how often you will need to pack up and move. Bringing in a very heavy desk, for example, might not be the best idea if you think you will need to move your office every few months.

However, if you think your office will be on-site for a longer time, you can plan on some more permanence for your office furnishings. In general, it may be best to choose lighter, more portable chairs, tables, organizational tools, and other items to make moving easier and quicker.

Make Room for Meetings

While you may mostly use your jobsite office for office work, it may be a good idea to create a meeting space. Planning, accounting, and many other important tasks will likely be conducted within your office. You can use your space to speak with clients and/or employees, and a meeting area with a desk and chairs is always useful for construction businesses.

Don’t Crowd Your Space

A jobsite storage trailer office is a great place to keep day-to-day business materials you need. However, it is important not to overcrowd it. Your space is still rather limited, and it is easy to let a small office become disorganized. Prioritize keeping cabinets and desks organized and try to stick to a filing system to keep documents in order. Only keep things in your office that need protection. Make sure there is plenty of walking space. It must be easy to move around and exit the unit in case of an emergency.

In Conclusion

A storage trailer office is a great choice for any construction company. It can be difficult to keep organized and conduct business without a clean, organized, allocated space, especially on a jobsite. Plan ahead and set yourself up for success by selecting furnishings that are portable and easy-to-travel. And, work with a local storage solutions company to design and install your ideal mobile office.