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The Benefits of Renting a Storage Trailer for Your Outdoor Event

Planning and/or hosting an event can be very exciting. It can also be stressful and challenging, especially if it’s an outdoor event. Depending on the type of event, you may have a variety of items and equipment needed for everything to run smoothly, from tables and chairs to décor, equipment, furniture, and more. As you plan and execute the outdoor event, and even after the event is over, it can be helpful to have a secure, convenient, and cost-effective way to store your items and ensure they are where you need them, when you need them. One way to do this is to rent a storage trailer.

4 Benefits of Renting Storage Container for An Event

1. Convenient

When you rent a storage trailer, it will be delivered right to your location for storage space where and when you need it. Trailers keep items you need to secure out of the way, but in one place, so they are easy to access. You won’t need to worry about transporting items from one place to another since they will already be where you need. Not only are they where you need them, but you can quickly get access to any item you need both before and during the event. Then, clean-up is fast and easy.

2. Secure

Storage trailers are secure in a variety of ways. First, because they are made of aluminum and steel, they are strong and hold up against the elements like wind, rain, and snow. This keeps your items inside dry and damage-free. However, it is important to note that unlike ground-level storage containers, storage trailer roofs are constructed to be light weight and are not designed to carry a heavy snow load. If you are utilizing a trailer during the winter, the roof must be cleared before more than a few inches of snow or ice can accumulate in order to insure the roof integrity and the safety of your items inside.

Additionally, storage trailers have the ability to lock, preventing theft and vandalism of your items.

3. Flexible

Storage trailers can come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your supplies and needs. Page Street Storage stocks sizes from 28’ to 53’ long, so regardless of the outdoor event you’re hosting, you’ll have the space you need. Trailers come with roll or swing-doors to make loading and unloading easier. Additionally, you can store a variety of types of things in a trailer depending on your event and needs.

Keep items organized and easily accessible in the trailer by adding shelving or other organizational tools.

4. Cost Effective

A huge benefit of renting a storage trailer is that you’re only paying for it while you need it, unlike other storage solutions that may require contracts or long-term commitments. Renting a trailer is also typically less expensive than what you may spend with other solutions like a storage locker or garage. Plus, you can save money by not having to transport items to and from your location, from labor costs (loading and unloading) to vehicle rental and actual transport of your items.

Events That Could Benefit from a Storage Trailer

You can benefit from renting a storage trailer for events like:

  • Weddings: A storage trailer at a wedding can hold décor, linens, furniture, equipment, catering materials, sound equipment, and more. This is best for a wedding planner or vendor (like a caterer or DJ), but could also be utilized by the bride and groom depending on the size and location of the wedding.
  • Parties and gatherings: Store chairs, tables, glassware, plates, decorations, and anything else you’d need. A storage trailer can keep party materials safe and secure, and renting one means you can avoid having to store those items in your home or garage.
  • Athletic events: Store goals, balls, uniforms, equipment, other materials in the trailer. Most sporting events, such as competitions, marathons, or tournaments, require variety of equipment that needs to be easily accessible on-site. A trailer is an affordable storage solution that can keep equipment free of damage and protected against theft.
  • Festivals, fundraisers, concerts, and other large outdoor events: Throwing a festival, fundraiser, concert, or other large outdoor event requires a significant number of equipment and materials such as tools, audio equipment, costumes, vendor items, tables and chairs, linens, decorations, tents, and more. Typically, these items are expensive and require a clean, secure place to store. It’s also difficult to try to transport things from location to location. A trailer on-site can also be easily accessible to vendors, staff, volunteers, and anyone else who may need it.
  • Corporate event: Exhibitions, trade shows, conferences, and similar events all have storage needs. In the trailer, keep marketing collateral, technology, giveaways, tables, chairs, signage, linens, and other items you may need for your employees and guests.

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