Storage Trailers and Containers for Rent and for Sale in Exeter, NH

Storage Trailers vs. Containers

Storage containers and storage trailers offer durable protection for any number of items and materials. They can be used for a variety of purposes, both short- and long-term. Usually, one is more appropriate than the other depending on specific storage needs.

Storage containers and storage trailers are used to protect stored items from the following common hazards:

  • Weather
  • Environmental conditions
  • Pest/animals
  • Dirt/debris
  • Theft

Storage Containers

A storage container is a stackable unit made from strong steel and aluminum. They are usually intended for use at a fixed location, as they can only be moved from place to place via truck bed. Storage containers are available in a range of sizes. Additionally, they can be locked when not in use, offering optimal peace of mind. They are ground-level, making it easy to retrieve items quickly and efficiently. Storage containers are also a great choice for storing large, bulky items.

Storage Trailers

A storage trailer is also a lockable unit made from durable materials. You can attach your storage trailer to a loading dock. This makes them a great choice for frequent pickups or drop-offs. They are available with swing doors, which provide a large doorway space, or roll-up doors, which are easy to open and close frequently. They are often the better choice for those that anticipate needing storage across multiple locations.

Renting vs. Buying an Exeter Storage Trailer or Container

There are a range of benefits associated with buying and renting a storage trailer or container. .

Before deciding to rent or buy a storage container or trailer, it is important to evaluate your needs. How long do you anticipate needing storage? Most people can benefit from some extra storage space. Buying a unit is a great investment for virtually anyone who has the space to keep the unit long-term. It’s a great way to free up some space and stay organized, both in a residential and commercial setting. On the other hand, some people need a bit more flexibility. Your needs also may change in the future, or you may not have the space to keep a unit. When you rent a storage trailer or container, you can simply pay for the time you need and return the unit when you are finished.

Items commonly stored long-term in containers and trailers include:

  • Home/personal items
  • Documents and records
  • Warehouse inventory
  • Seasonal items
  • Gardening and construction materials
  • Tools and machinery
  • Special events storage

Short-term uses for storage trailers and containers include:

  • Sporting events
  • Concerts/festivals
  • Contract jobs
  • Construction projects
  • Home moves/renovations
  • Landscaping projects
  • Temporary office space

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