Storage Trailers and Containers for Rent and for Sale in Sanford, Maine

Storage Trailers vs. Containers

Storage trailers and containers provide reliable protection for countless stored items of various sizes. While both are useful, one is usually more suitable than the other depending on specific storage needs.

Storage containers and storage trailers protect stored items from the following hazards:

  • Weather events
  • Water damage
  • Dirt/debris
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Pests/animals

Storage Containers

Storage containers are stackable units made from strong materials such as aluminum and steel. They are accessed at ground level and are available in a variety of sizes. Storage containers can accommodate a wide range of objects, from small items like tools to large, cumbersome machinery. They are traveled via truck bed and cannot be attached to loading docks. They are an ideal choice for those that need easily accessed storage space at a fixed location.

Storage Trailers

Storage trailers are easily transported from location to location, making them the better choice for those in need of storage across multiple locations, such as warehouse workers, contractors, and business owners. They are available in a range of sizes and have either swing or roll-up doors. Swing doors provide a larger doorway space, while roll-up doors are easier to open and close frequently.

Renting vs. Buying a Sanford Storage Trailer or Container

There are many benefits associated with both renting and buying a storage trailer or container.

Before deciding whether to rent or buy a storage trailer or container, consider the length of time you expect you’ll need it. Since most people can use some more commercial or personal storage space, purchasing a unit is usually a great investment. If you own your unit, you won’t have to worry about returning it by a specific date and paying rental fees. On the other hand, the option to rent provides flexibility for those who foresee their needs changing in the future. You may need a larger unit down the road, and renting enables you to change up your unit size or door style.

Items commonly stored long-term include:

  • Home storage
  • Tools and machinery
  • Warehouse items
  • Records and documents
  • Retail inventory

Short-term uses for storage trailers and containers include:

  • Contract jobs
  • Home moves
  • Renovations/construction projects
  • Landscaping jobs
  • Special events

What Sets Us Apart in Sanford, ME

Page Street has provided the Sanford, Maine community with quality storage solutions for over 30 years. Over the years, our fleet has expanded to a wide range of storage containers and trailers to accommodate any and all storage needs. We offer the best, most dependable units at the most competitive rates in the area.

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