Storage containers do more than protect your valuables. They can be used as office spaces, protect large machinery, provide flexible event storage space, and much more. They offer a reliable solution for safeguarding almost anything from weather, theft, and pests. Storage containers are a flexible option for anyone who can benefit from a little extra space. You can customize your New England storage container with a wide range of modification options to ensure you get the best return on investment possible.

Page Street Leasing containers are a superb platform for creativity and can be enhanced for your unique application. Our storage professionals can help make your ideas a reality with a variety of modificationsn. Depending you why you want to buy a storage container in New Hampshire and beyond, we can develop a plan. We stock premium direct-to-metal paints, windows, and various doors ready to be installed and delivered to your site. Contact our storage container customization shop and we can help bring your ideas to fruition.

  • Doors


    Additional openings can be fabricated on any surface of the container. The most common types of aftermarket doors are personnel (“man doors”) and overhead / garage-style doors. Both are lockable and come in a variety of sizes. Please select a door type below to learn more, or contact us for a fast quote.

    Personnel Doors

    Useful for quick, easy access to the container or for use as an office or workspace space, hinge-mounted personnel doors can be placed anywhere on the container. They are lockable via deadbolts for secure access.

    Width Height
    3′ 6’8″

    Overhead Doors

    Roll-up overhead doors may be installed anywhere on the side of the container, or on the end opposite the standard cargo doors. They are lockable and easy to open and close. Multiple overhead doors may be installed on one container. A variety of sizes are available.

    Width Height
    4′ 6’8″
    5′ 6’8″
    6′ 6’8″
    7′ 6’8″
    8′ 6’8″
    9′ 6’8″
    10′ 7′
  • Windows


    When using your container as an office or workspace, let the light in with our dual pane, sliding glass windows, which can be installed anywhere on the container. Available in multiple sizes with / without security bars.

    Width Height
    24″ 24″
    36″ 36″
    48″ 36″
  • Painting

    We can cost-effectively paint any container using high quality, direct-to-metal paints designed to adhere evenly and last outside in the elements. Any significant rust is wire-brushed away during prep prior to being sprayed in the paint booth. While we stock popular, neutral colors, custom colors are available to be mixed on a per job basis. Painting is available for any size of container.

    • Make a used container more aesthetically pleasing.
    • Help the container blend-in with your property.
    • Match your company’s color branding.

    Please contact us to inquire about our painting services.

    Example of a used cargo container before & after painting:









  • Ventilation

    Increase airflow inside of your container to reduce temperature fluctuations and decrease the potential for condensation. Standard containers have at least two side vents and newer containers typically have more, but these are seldom enough for applications with more climate-sensitive contents. Three types of vents are available which may be installed standalone or in any combination:

    • The standard covered vent can be installed at any location on the container, covering a 14″ x 14″ footprint. It is constructed of powder coated, 13 gauge steel with a covered opening to protect against rain and a metal screen to prevent insects from entering. One or more of these vents can significantly increase the airflow inside of a container over the standard configuration. Please contact us for pricing and availability.


      Length Width
      6″ 9″
    • Louver vents can be installed on any surface of the container to enhance airflow while keeping the elements and pests out. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

    • Need more airflow and internal temperature moderation? Order a turbine vent to be installed on your container’s roof. Please contact us for pricing and availability.

  • Custom Shop

    Custom Shop

    Please contact us for more info.