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Construction Site

At Page Street Leasing, we know reliable construction storage is critical. Whether you’re managing a small-scale renovation or a large-scale development, our construction storage containers and trailers are designed to meet your needs. Located in Candia, NH and serving all of New England, we are committed to providing high-quality storage solutions with exceptional customer service.

Construction Storage Containers and Trailers

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Our construction storage containers and trailers offer a convenient and secure way to store your tools, equipment, and materials on-site. Built to withstand the rigors of construction environments, our units are durable, weather-resistant, and customizable to fit your specific requirements. With various sizes available, you can choose the perfect jobsite container or trailer to meet your project’s needs.


Construction Site Mobile Office Space

Are you in need of a mobile office for your job site? Page Street Leasing can help. We now offer construction site storage trailers in New Hampshire and beyond. Our mobile offices are designed to provide a comfortable and efficient workspace for your construction team.


  • Heated and Air Conditioned: Our mobile office spaces are equipped with heating and air conditioning to ensure comfort in any weather conditions.
  • Available Sizes: Choose from 20-foot or 40-foot sizes to accommodate your specific space requirements.
  • No Stairs Required: Our ground-level units make accessing your mobile office easy and convenient for your team.


Adding an office to your construction site offers numerous benefits:

  • Project Management: Manage projects more effectively by having an on-site office space where you can coordinate with your team and oversee operations.
  • Organization: Keep important documents, electronics, and other office materials organized and easily accessible.
  • Meetings: Host meetings with staff, clients, and contractors right on the job site, saving time and increasing efficiency.
  • Protection: Ensure the safety and security of your valuable equipment and documents by storing them in a dedicated office space.

Construction Storage Solutions

When it comes to construction projects, having the right storage solutions is essential for keeping your tools, equipment, and materials organized and easily accessible. Our construction storage containers and trailers are designed to accommodate a wide range of items commonly used on construction sites such as:

  1. Power Tools: Keep your power drills, saws, nail guns, and other electric or battery-powered tools safely stored and protected from the elements.
  2. Hand Tools: From hammers and screwdrivers to wrenches and pliers, our construction storage containers and trailers provide a secure space to store your hand tools when not in use.
  3. Building Materials: Whether you’re storing lumber, drywall, roofing materials, or concrete blocks, our units offer ample space to keep your building materials organized and protected.
  4. Safety Equipment: Store safety gear such as hard hats, gloves, goggles, and harnesses to ensure your team stays safe on-site.
  5. Heavy Machinery Parts: Need a place to store spare parts for your heavy machinery? Our jobsite containers and trailers provide a secure storage solution for engine parts, hydraulic hoses, and more.
  6. Paint and Finishing Supplies: Keep your paint cans, brushes, rollers, and other finishing supplies neatly stored and easily accessible.
  7. Electrical and Plumbing Supplies: Store electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, fixtures, and other supplies to keep them organized and protected from damage.
  8. Office Supplies: In addition to construction materials, our containers and trailers can also be used to store office supplies such as paperwork, computers, printers, and office furniture for on-site administrative tasks.


Image of two construction workers on a contruction site

Q: What sizes are available for your construction storage containers?

A: We offer a range of sizes to accommodate different project needs, including 20-foot, 40-foot, and customizable options.

Q: Do you provide delivery and pickup services?

A: Yes, we offer delivery and pickup services to ensure a hassle-free experience for our customers. Our team will coordinate with you to schedule convenient delivery and pickup times.

Q: Are your storage containers and trailers secure?

A: Yes, our storage containers and trailers can be equipped with secure locking mechanisms to keep your tools, equipment, and materials safe on-site.

Q: Can I customize the storage trailers and containers to fit my specific requirements?

A: Yes, we offer customizable options to tailor your unit to your specific needs. Whether you need additional doors, windows, or shelving, we can accommodate your requests.

Q: What kind of electrical system is in the office containers and how are they connected?

A: The office containers run off of a 125A breaker box. Typically, an electrician needs to connect the junction box on the exterior of the office container to an electrical pole or other power source.

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