Accessories and Door Locks

Your storage container door should be locked at all times while you are not using it. Maximize usability and security of your container with Page Street Leasing’s complete line of accessories specifically designed for use with this equipment. Browse our selection of shipping container accessories/storage trailer and container locks. Quality, reliable storage container door locks are key in ensuring your stored items remain safe. Make sure you have a lockable storage trailer or storage container that can reliably protect your valued items.

Contact Page Street Leasing for the best New England storage containers and trailers, as well any container features you might need, including locks for storage containers and trailers.

  • Locks

    Our storage containers are lockable through the door handles or under the lockboxes (on newer models), but specialized container locks are available for additional security.

    Block Locks

    The block style of lock works on containers with or without lock boxes. They are designed to lock either underneath the lock box or through the cargo handles while being tamper-resistant. Available keyed.

    Cargo Door Locks

    The cargo door lock style goes over the container door bars and locks them in place, preventing the doors from opening. They are self-contained and highly tamper-resistant. This lock style is available as keyed or combination.

    Please contact us for pricing and availability.

  • Shelves

    We offer high quality shelving systems designed to utilize the unique features of shipping containers. The vertical shelf brackets hook onto the container’s interior cargo lashing loops, providing effortless installation and strength.

    • 18.5″ extension depth.
    • Rated for 550 lbs. per arm, or 1100 lbs. per bracket.
    • 2×10 wood for shelf surface provided by customer.

    Please contact us for pricing and availability.

  • Ramps

    Forklift Ramp Sets

    Constructed from heavy diamond plate steel, these sets come as a pair of ramps to accomodate driving in and out of a container with a small warehouse forklift.

    Capacity: 5000 lbs. (2267.9 kg)

    Poly Container Ramps

    Lightweight ramps for use with hand trucks and dollies. These ramps are made of high density polyethylene and only weigh 25 lbs and are made to contact a container’s doorkeepers for a secure connection.

    Capacity: 750 lbs. (340.2 kg)

  • Lighting

    Illuminate your container with our magnetic fluorescent light fixtures. These easily affix to any metal surface inside of the container, so the light is positioned where you need it.

    Please contact us for pricing and availability.