Image of a person locking a storage container with a lock.

5 Measures You Can Take for Extra Storage Security

Storage containers can be used for variety of reasons, from simple storage to an on-site office space. They are durable, weather-resistant, easy to maintain, and cost-effective when compared to other options. Another major benefit is security. Containers are made from maritime-grade steel, which is virtually impenetrable to pests and vermin, as well as thieves.

When using a container for storage, whether on site or at a storage facility, it’s important to have peace of mind regarding the security and safety of your tools, equipment, inventory, or other belongings. While a storage container is generally secure as it comes, taking time to learn about and compare additional security that keeps your container safe can be a great investment.

Here are additional measures you can take for extra security of your belongings:

1. Use Heavy-Duty Padlocks

First, you’ll want to ensure your storage container is locked up tight. There are several different options when it comes to securing your container door:

  • Padlocks: These are the most common, but a regular padlock can be more easily cut and broken, which would give a thief access to the inside. Instead, invest in a top-grade, heavy-duty padlock that will decrease the risk of having the lock broken. “Puck” or “block” padlocks are more difficult to breach as well.

You may also want to consider having another lock in addition to a padlock:

  • Lock box: A container lockbox is a steel box that provides safe and secure place for your padlock, giving an extra layer of security. The box is fitted over the container doors and protects the padlock hasps from being cut while allowing access for a key underneath.
  • Cross bar locks: Also known as cargo door locks, this is another type of interior security lock that can be added across the door bars of your container. These locks prevent the door from turning open by someone on the outside, so even if someone broke the padlock, they couldn’t get the door open.

2. Install Cameras

Not only are cameras themselves a good way to decrease the risk of break-in and theft, a qualify surveillance system can deter thieves in the first place as they are much less likely to attempt a crime when they know they will likely be recorded and caught.

Attach a CCTV pole to your container with a camera at the top, pointed at the targeted areas. This allows your camera to capture a range of footage while also remaining in view for criminals.

3. Install an Alarm System

In addition to cameras, you may want to install an alarm system (depending on the location of your container). Choose an alarm that can be triggered as soon as the container is opened or place a motion detector alarm system on the door of the container. You can also install alarms around windows (if applicable).

You can use a wireless, antenna-based, or battery-powered alarm. Make sure the alarm system you choose will notify you and/or the police right away if there’s a break-in.

Additionally, like a camera, a visible alarm system can help deter a criminal in the first place.

4. Consider Perimeter Fencing

Whether your storage container is at your home, a building site, a storage site, or somewhere else, keeping it within a fenced area can help deter criminal activity. It’s especially effective to have it protected by a barbed wire fence, though you can also add metal or barred fencing around the container itself.

Before doing this, check with local law enforcement to be sure security fencing is permitted on the property.

5. Make Sure Your Container Is Sealed and Maintained

Security measures are moot if your container has easy entry points due to cracks or other openings caused by rust or corrosion. Invest in a corrosion-resistant container or treat your container with special paint or products. These products will keep the metal secure, durable, and more weather-resistant. If you dop notice any rust or cracks, treat them right away.

On a regular basis, inspect the container’s roof for any standing water or rust. Remove dirt and debris and treat any scratches, dents, or peeling paint before they turn to rust or corrosion. Keep any security lights or other lights around your container functioning with new bulbs and batteries.

Purchase Your Storage Container from a Reliable Source

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